Grab a Free Pizza Pie From Greenwich St. Eatery For One Day Only

Grab a Free Pizza Pie From Greenwich St. Eatery For One Day Only

Pizza is good but free pizza is better.
To celebrate National Pizza Day on Saturday, Nov. 12, Rossopomodoro at 118 Greenwich St. will hand out small pizzas free of charge to visitors from 4 to 6 p.m., according to the restaurant. Made in the Neapolitan "Portafoglio" style, the personal pizzas will be folded in half like a sandwich filled with tomato sauce and mozzarella.
The Hudson Square Italian restaurant, which its website boasts was founded in Napoli, prides itself on fresh, organic ingredients like mozzarella di bufala and rapini and prosciutto di Parma. 

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Get free pizza at NYC's Rossopomodoro in the West Village

Get free pizza at NYC's Rossopomodoro in the West Village

Portafoglio pizza gets its name from the Italian word for wallet, but you won't have to open yours to sample some of it Saturday.

Rossopomodoro -- which provides the pizzas at Eataly -- will be giving away the traditional Neapolitan-style on-the-go snack at its standalone Greenwich Village location on Saturday, Nov. 12, in conjunction with one of several yearly incarnations of National Pizza Day.

What sets portafoglio pizza apart from your typical slice? It's a smaller pie that's served whole, but folded in half to a half-moon shape, and then in half again, creating a cone-shaped pocket -- hence the wallet nickname. It's a typical example of street food in Naples, said Simone Falco, Rossopomodoro's chef and owner.

"This is the way you can eat in Naples," he said. "Something that you can just buy on the fly and eat while you are sight-seeing the city."

He rattled off an Italian expression to describe the pizza, which he translated to "first aid for anger" -- the kind of thing you buy when you're trying to keep hungry from turning into hangry.

You start, Falco said, with the crust, and eat into the center of the pizza -- where the sauce and the cheese are awaiting you. 

"The last bites are the best ones," he said.

The pizzas will all be margherita -- "the queen of the pizzas," Falco said -- and will be topped with San Marzano tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella. 

The pizzas will be handed out between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. Luckily for those who will be waiting in line for the pizza (and perhaps unluckily for the restaurant's accountants) the small pies only take about 90 seconds to cook in a wood-fired oven that can hold 10 pizzas at once, so Falco estimates he can hand out about 10 pizzas every three minutes.

The free food is pegged to a bigger cause: The restaurant will be collecting signatures to advocate for the addition of Neapolitan pizza-making to UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage list. Falco hopes that could lead to more training of chefs in how to make pizza like a true Neapolitan pizzaoli.  

And of course, there's some nostalgia involved on Falco's part. He's hoping to see 100 people or more walking down the street with portafoglio in hand. 

"It will remind me of Naples when I was little," he said.

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What to Drink at Rossopomodoro in West Village

What to Drink at Rossopomodoro in West Village

The West Village is one of our favorire ‘hoods to grab some drinks, and with all of the options, sometimes its hard to pick a place. Enter Rossopomodoro, which opened in 2014 after being founded originally by three friends in Naples, Italy (they are also behind the Eataly empire), and has great cocktail options along with solid Italian food.

The cocktails include everything from a Spritz that is made from aperitif select and Prosecco to the Rosso Piccante cocktail, with blanco tequila, Calabrian chili triple sec, lime.

The bar is completely separate from a large restaurant area and located at the corner of the charming building. This West Village restaurant serves Neapolitan style with pizza and pastas on the menu. They have gluten-free dishes and dairy-free if that is your thing.


“The cocktail menu as a whole at Rossopomodoro offers traditional aperitivi, meant to open the palate.” – General Manager and Partner Achille Confuorto



Ingredients: Gin, amaro Nonino, Cynar


Ingredients: Grey Goose vodka, mint, lemon sorbetto


Ingredients: Ford’s gin, fennel, lime


Ingredients: aperitivo select, prosecco


Ingredients: bourbon, cynar, cocchi americano, chartreuse


Ingredients: applejack, del capo, lemon, grenadine


Ingredients: Tito’s Vodka, rosemary honey, apple, lemon.


Ingredients: blanco tequila, Calabrian chili triple sec, lime

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Where to Go for White Truffle Dishes in New York City

Where to Go for White Truffle Dishes in New York City

Owner and executive chef Simone Falco said, “We want New Yorkers to enjoy the truffles in an approachable and flexible way.” The restaurant offers a variety of truffle dishes, from sunny side up eggs with asparagus ($47), gluten-free gnocchi with fontina cheese ($58), Spaghetto alla Chitarra (spaghetti cut like guitar strings, $57), New York strip with fingerling potatoes and mushrooms ($65), and zabaione (whipped egg yolk custard, $40).

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Rossopomodoro is a charming café on Greenwich St in the West Village. The interior is a clean, simple version of an upscale pizzeria. The space is deceptively large with two main dining rooms, a large bar and patio seating on 2 sides. Food is Neopolitan style with plenty of pastas and pizzas on the menu. For your pizza selection choose from sausage, porchetta, broccoli rabe, and spicy salami to name a few. There pasta list is equally long with gnocco, tagliatelle, and ravioli. You can also entirely avoid the carbs and opt for great seafood options like their expertly grilled octopus with silky cauliflower puree. For brunch, the place is a calm respite from the insanity that ensues in other West Village locations.

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Rossopomodoro Brunch

Rossopomodoro Brunch

It was a rare summer weekend spent in the city so I made sure that plenty of brunches were scheduled. We received an invite to check out the brunch at Rossopomodoro and after seeing that it was affiliated with Eataly’s pizza operations, jumped at the chance to sample the menu.
I was joined by my friend Sam, of the amazing yoga & wellness blog Catching Dragonfly, for an afternoon of some much-needed catch up time over copious amounts of carbs. We both have a love for fitness and wellness, but also are not one to turn down delicious Neapolitan-style pizza. It’s all about balance, right?
I arrived a few minutes early and received a tour around the airy West Village restaurant from the manager. The restaurant is located on a sharp corner so the narrow bar area opens to a larger dining room full of light. A highlight was checking out the gold-plated wood-fired pizza oven in the back of the shop.

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Eataly Expands in Manhattan to World Trade Center

Eataly Expands in Manhattan to World Trade Center

Eataly will open a second store in Manhattan in the next week or two, this one in the Westfield World Trade Center complex.

“We think there may be a different customer downtown,” said Nicola Farinetti, the chief executive of Eataly in the United States, where his partners are Mario Batali, Joseph Bastianich and Lidia Bastianich. “We have noted that people get going earlier, crowds in the streets in the morning, so we’re adding breakfast, which we have never done.”

A juice bar will open at 7 a.m. at the top of the escalators to the third floor of the nearly completed 4 World Trade Center tower, as will a casual restaurant called Orto e Mare (Garden and Sea), with a counter where granola, smoked salmon, pancakes, frittatas and other egg dishes will be served. Later in the day, it will shift to vegetable and fish dishes. Breakfast sandwiches will be available at the panini bar.

Other firsts at this Eataly include a salad bar, a gastronomia for prepared food, and La Piadina, where traditional flatbread sandwiches will be made to order. Most of the dining options will be in a separate area with many windows, and will include Rossopomodoro for pizza, a wine bar and a restaurant, Osteria della Pace, that is set off with a gracious entryway.

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All-you-can-eat pizza is coming to Rossopomodoro this month. This is not a drill.

All-you-can-eat pizza is coming to Rossopomodoro this month. This is not a drill.

As Americans, we’re enthusiastic embracers of one of our great nation’s rich pastimes: the all-you-can-eat meal. From sushi to pancakes to a certain red-sauce chain’s unbeatable soup-salad-and-breadsticks deal, we Yankees strive to get the most bang for our buck no matter what type of cuisine we’re craving. 

Enter: pizza. The Italian tradition of pizza a giro—basically, sitting down to eat a ton of pizza, normally accompanied by a glass (or five) of wine—is being imported to New York shores this month by Rossopomodoro, Eataly’s Neapolitan za spinoff. Starting on Sunday 13 and running through Christmas Eve, the restaurant will be offering the unbeatable opportunity of cramming your maw with unlimited puffy-crusted, wood-fired pies.

For a mere $20 (tax, tip and drinks excluded), you’ll be served as many of Rosso’s ten pizza varieties as you can manage; same goes for everyone else in your party, for an additional $20 each. This means no more Sophie’s Choice dilemmas over whether to order the Indiavolata (Neapolitan spicy salami, mozzarella) or the Broccoletta (Brussel sprouts, guanciale, fonduta)—heck, get two of each.

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Modern Italian Masters Series: The Artisans of Eataly | FIAT 500 Abarth | FIAT USA

Modern Italian Masters Series: The Artisans of Eataly | FIAT 500 Abarth | FIAT USA

Like FIAT 500 Abarth, Eataly has evolved without ever deviating from the principles at its core: heritage, passion, and a dedication to craftsmanship that crosses oceans and spans generations.

FIAT USA partnered with Bon Appetit and Eataly to provide an inside look what connects FIAT's core tenants to Eataly's artisans. In episode 3, Simone Falco from Eataly, NY shares what inspires him to bring heritage and passion to the plate, and what the FIAT 500 Abarth means to him.

Featuring: Simone Falco, Eatlay NY I Rossopomodoro

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Can Canned Tomatoes Sometimes Be Better Than Fresh!?

Can Canned Tomatoes Sometimes Be Better Than Fresh!?

With today’s emphasis on freshness, it would seem basic to assume that a fresh tomato is always better than a canned one. But what about when tomatoes are out of season? Or what about when making a pasta sauce or a marinara?

We went to Rossopomodoro to get their take on when is best to use which kinds of tomatoes. Rossopomodoro Owner Simone Falco starts by pointing out that for cooking, there is never a good time to use an out-of-season tomato. The canned will always be preferable because they were picked at the height of the season.

But if, like right now, you have the best of tomatoes available, then it depends on what you are cooking. So watch the video above to learn more about when to use which tomatoes!

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Rossopomodoro. A New Pizza Place in Greenwich Village

Rossopomodoro. A New Pizza Place in Greenwich Village

Rossopomodoro, from the renown Naples-based chain, known in New York as Eataly’s inner pizza place, has opened it’s first outpost outside of Eataly.

An unique approach with all ingredients coming from businesses and farms in the Neapolitan region of Campania. Pizza is made with a natural leavened dough that uses only the best ingredients like the Caputo red quality flour and mineral water that we import from a region near Naples. It is the combination of authentic ingredients, traditional Neapolitan recipes and a true passion for Italy that keeps people retuning for a little slice of Naples in USA.

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Only Half the Pizzas Sport Red Tomatoes at Rossopomodoro in the West Village

Only Half the Pizzas Sport Red Tomatoes at Rossopomodoro in the West Village

Those who knew the premises as the laid-back Café de Bruxelles — famous for its perfect fries served in a cone of filter paper — or the later incarnations Lyon Bouchon Moderne and then Cole's will be astonished. What had been a cramped, serpentine space is now opened up and airy, thanks partly to the annexation of an additional storefront around the corner on 13th Street, which contains a trestle table fit for a large crowd, and the gleaming, gold-tiled beehive oven that is the garish centerpiece of the restaurant's décor. But the famous barroom shaped like a slice of pizza looking out on Greenwich Avenue remains about the same.

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