Simone Falco


Simone Falco was born in Naples on October 27th 1974, where he grew up in a family of sportsmen. He soon followed the steps of his uncle Franco Manna, founder and president of Rossopomodoro, to become a rugby player. In addition to his career in Rugby, he also obtained a PhD from the University of Naples Federico II, one of the oldest Universities in Europe. Since he was very young, Simone has worked in the family company over the years to learn the proper skills needed to run a successful restaurant business, leading into the launch and development of several new restaurant locations in Italy and abroad. Simone’s personal passions include interests in health and wellness, his love for horseback riding and fitness. These passions inspired him to own a restaurant where he could eat several times a week and still feel as if he was eating at home. Simone’s new menu at Rossopomodoro offers customers the opportunity to indulge in delicious food that they can also feel good about. Rossopomodoro’s menu has been completely revamped with simple, straightforward and delicious dishes that are healthy and flavorful, reflecting Simone’s Neapolitan upbringing.



Miguel Lopez


Miguel Lopez has been our head chef ever since our West Village location opened in 2014. He works tirelessly to make sure that our menu is always up to date, and that the dishes taste amazing and are true to their Neapolitan roots. Miguel takes pride in the dishes he makes, and believes that every dish should taste just as good as the last time you had it, if not better. He pushes and mentors his fellow chefs to strive for excellence in every dish that is put out on the table for a guest. Miguel is the amazing mind behind our new and improved menu, incorporating some of our new dishes that have been served as specials in the past with some of our most popular traditional dishes. The new menu just recently went live and has received a very positive response from our regulars. Miguel invites you to come join us and experience the new menu for yourselves!

Achille Confuorto


Achille Confuorto has been working as Simone’s right-hand man before the West Village location of Rossopomodoro ever opened it’s doors. Simone gave Achille the opportunity to work in various Rossopomodoro locations in different departments of the restaurant. He worked his way from being a pizzaiolo, to a barista, to a bartender at Eataly. He then was ready to take on the role of general manager at Rossopomodoro's newest US location. Achille continues to be extremely dedicated to the company and has had an ongoing love and passion for Italian food and the Neapolitan culture. His aspirations have always been greatly aligned with the goals of the company as a whole. He continues to put his time and effort into making Rossopomodoro the best Neapolitan restaurant in NYC.








Gazmir Zeneli


Gazmir Zeneli has been a part of the Rossopomodoro and Eataly family for 4 years now. He dedicates so much of his time to helping Rossopomodoro grow as a company from Eataly and from our West Village location. He has such a passion for making fresh Neapolitan pies. He also assists in teaching pizza classes at Eataly for any aspiring pizzaiolos or just for anyone who wants to learn how to make a good pizza. His love for Neapolitan pizza and for Rossopomodoro lends to him being the perfect candidate to being our head pizzaiolo. Gazmir has a very outgoing personality and loves talking to our customers, so when you see him behind our pizza bar, make sure to say hello!

Rocky DeHaro


Rocky DeHaro joined Rossopomodoro shortly after it’s Grand Opening and hasn’t looked back. His career in the Restaurant Industry has spanned many years starting on the West Coast, before transferring to New York. Involvement here in the city has been fulfilling, rewarding, vibrant, & exciting. Having worked in all aspects of food, beverage, health, and nutrition; Italian food and wine has always held a constant place in his heart. Bringing together lean, healthy and organic cuisine; prepared with Neapolitan pride, combined with the warmth and splendor that is the West Village; continues to be his direction in bringing all this to the table. Rocky wants you to come to Rossopomodoro, and taste your own little piece of Napoli!








Lisa Petrello


Lisa Petrello has been an accountant for the past 20 years and was able to marry her love of food and numbers here at Rossopomodoro. She began working with us at Eataly in 2011 and then continued working for our West Village location since it first opened in 2014. She handles all of the finances for the restaurant, and is very good at what she does. She enjoys working in an environment where she can focus on the task at hand, but can also enjoy some of the best Neapolitan cuisine in the city whenever she wants. Lisa is very friendly so if you see her around the restaurant, make sure to say hello!


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